How to make Eco-Friendly Aquarium from Recycled River Goods!

Using Recycled River Goods to Create the Perfect Eco-friendly Aquarium

By: Issabella Lovett 6/18/20

77% of people want to learn how to live more sustainably, according to a cross-generational study led by Southern Cross University. With a plethora of options when it comes to incorporating eco-friendly methods into our daily routines, such as household and beauty products, many may be surprised to realize that even your fish tank can become more environmentally friendly. With that said, here’s how you can create an eco-friendly aquarium with recycled goods from a river

The benefits of being green 

There are a number of ways to create an eco-friendly aquarium, especially when it comes to conserving energy via lighting, or by ensuring to only purchase sustainably caught fish. Plastic is another major issue when it comes to home aquariums, as many aquarium owners resort to plastic decorations (like plants, etc.) that are often found in pet stores. Not only can plastic decorations be harmful to the environment when you’re done with them, but they can hurt the fish by releasing potentially toxic and harmful chemicals into the water as well (if it isn’t made of the right plastic, of course). Thankfully, reducing or eliminating plastic decorations altogether can easily be made possible when it comes to incorporating recycled river goods into your tank.

At Home Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Aquarium Made from Recycled River Goods!  


Driftwood and it’s versatility

Driftwood is an excellent addition to any eco-friendly fish aquarium that can be taken and recycled from a river, and for many reasons. Not only is it an all-natural alternative to the fake ceramic or plastic driftwood often found in pet stores, but it’s a sustainable way to provide shelter for your fish, as they can use the driftwood to hide — something which is important since many fish often have a natural instinct to do so. Another benefit to natural driftwood is that you can find it in many different sizes and shapes, making it especially easy to find the right pieces for your aquarium, no matter what size tank you may have. 

Aquatic plants 

Aquatic plants are another way you can make your home aquarium more environmentally friendly, and they also provide a number of unique benefits as well. For starters, aquatic plants are not only an alternative to plastic plants, but they can also almost act as an extra filtration system for your tank that can help to remove waste. In addition, aquatic plants can also help to reduce the amount of algae that oftentimes builds up, allowing you to keep the aquarium cleaner in a more natural way, and can also be yet another place for your fish to hide as well. By doing your research on the right aquatic plants to incorporate into your tank, you’ll be sure to create the perfect natural atmosphere for your fish.

As an aquarium owner, creating an eco-friendly environment for your fish is a great way to keep your tank healthy, as well as to mimic a natural environment. By incorporating eco-friendly decorations sourced directly from a river, such as driftwood or aquatic plants, you can effectively create a more environmentally friendly habitat for your fish.