If you would like to apply for a job fill out the application, make sure to put the job that you are applying for and bring it in to us! We will be looking to hire Runners, Tube Chunkers, and Bus Drivers. 

Job Descriptions and Expectations:

Runners: You are going to be one of the first faces the customer will see so have a positive attitude, be respectful, and create a energetic atmosphere! You will be responsible for taking customers orders at their car and reporting it to the cashier to get their floating passes. You are expected to know and answer any question the customer may have about Don's and help them in any way possible.

Tube Chunkers: As a tube chunker you will have several tasks to do throughout the day that will vary. Your main task will be collecting the tubes from the customers getting off the river at the beach area, patching tubes, and airing up tubes. You are expected to be respectful to the guests and their items if they have any on the tubes. You must have a positive attitude and help the guest in any way possible to ensure the customer had a successful float. 

Bus Drivers: MUST have the correct licensing to drive a bus. You are expected to have a positive attitude, be respectful and ensure that the customers get to the drop off safely. You will be dropping the guests off at the drop-off site and returning to Don's to bring another group. You may also be responsible for picking up private parties located around the Austin - San Antonio area and returning them back to their pick-up spot after their float.  

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