Can you have cans on the river?

 Yes, we just ask that you pick up all of your trash and keep the river clean!

 Does Don’s sell rope?

 Yes! It is $1 for 2 yards.

 How long is the float?

 The float normally takes about 3 1/2 hours to complete.

 Is there a place to air up your tubes?

 Yes, we have air compressors at the drop off site that are provided for y’all!

 Can you buy ice at Don’s?

 You can get ice down at the red building along with any other items that you made  need to make your floating experience great!

 Can you rent coolers from Don’s?

 Yes! We offer coolers to rent for $10.

 Does Don’s rent out cooler tubes?

 Yes! We have cooler tubes that you can rent for $10 and you pick them up at the  drop off site.

 Can you rent a speaker from Don’s?

 We don’t rent out speakers, but we do sell Bluetooth speakers at the red building.

 Can you buy food at Don’s?

 We have an assortment of snacks in the red building and we also have food trucks  that come down to the beach on the weekends!

 Where do you get all of your tubes? Are there tubes with bottoms? 

 You can pick up all of your tubes at the drop off site after you get off the shuttle. No there are no tubes with bottoms, but you are welcome to bring your own tube! 

 Do you have to pay for an over 21 wristband?

 No, we offer free over 21 wristbands as long as you provide your ID.

 Does Don’s sell water shoes or life jackets?

 No, we do not sell or provide those items. There is a Wal-Mart just down the  highway if you need to get those!

 Is there any place to hold keys or wallets?

 We don’t offer anywhere to hold your keys due to our offices closing at 5pm, but we do offer dry sacks or waterproof phone cases that you can get at the red building!

 Do you have to get on another shuttle after you get off the river?

 No! You only have to get on the shuttle once. When you get off the river you end up at Don's!

 Are dogs allowed to float the river?

 Yes! We would love to see your cute friendly doggo’s! We just ask that you keep it on a leash and pick up after it.

 Can you use a double tube?

 Yes! You are more than welcome to bring any kind of your own tube as long as it can float. However with a double tube you still have to pay for the two people, not just the one tube.

 Do you pay by car or by person?

 You pay by person not by group. So for instance if there is a group of four in one car then you would pay for four individual tube rentals. 

How do you book a shuttle?

It's super easy, all you do is follow these 4 simple steps HERE to book a shuttle! If you need to ask any questions, feel free to contact us so we can get it set up for you!