Keep the River Clean

    Floating the river is all fun and games until you leave your trash on the river and it harms the beautiful environment that surrounds it. Protecting our river has never been so important. Keeping the river clean protects all the plants and animals that live or use the river for sources of survival. We can’t take advantage of the gorgeous San Marcos River that was given to us, so do your part and help us keep the river clean!

    The river is a huge source of water for many cities and towns and if we continue to pollute our river it won’t be sustainable enough for human consumption anymore. Yes, we have a filter that cleans it before it reaches our tap, but if it just keeps getting more and more polluted the filter can’t do its job to its best ability.

    We are sharing a habitat with so many beautiful animals and plants. Think about all the adorable turtle families that you see while your floating down the river, that is their home and we don’t want to harm it! Everyone has heard about the “Save the Turtles” movement and how we shouldn’t be using plastic straws because they all end up being disposed of incorrectly, they harm the animals and they add to the pollution. The San Marcos River is home to several different species of fish and animals that rely on the cleanliness of the river and their habitat.

 We use Green Guy Recycling to help make sure all those beer cans get recycled properly! Did you know Aluminum cans are 100 percent recyclable, and they can be recycled over and over again. Even better, turning recycled cans into new cans takes 95% less energy than making brand- new ones. So next time you want to hate on floating and the drinking involved, remember it's not so bad if we just clean up after ourselves and are mindful of the products we are using. Another option thats safer for the environment would be using a reusable water bottle to stay hydrated on your float over plastic bottles! 

The solution is very simple. Make sure to grab a red bag that we provide for you, throw away all of trash and then dispose of it the correct way when you get off the river in our trash cans and recycling that are provided! We can’t rely on someone going out to clean up after us we need to take care of it while it’s happening. Let’s be proactive about this and save the amazing environment that was given to us. Join the movement with us and #KeeptheRiverClean