How to Prepare For Your Next River Float!

Hey guys! We know everyone is super exited to float and we wanted to give you a checklist and how-to so that y'all can have the best floating experience!

Make sure to a get solid group of people together because floating the river is always a good time no matter how big or small the group is! We always like to tell people to show up to Don's anywhere in-between 11-2 so that you can get the best out of your day on the river. Keep in mind the float is about 3 hours long so you should try and pick a good time to start you float. For those of you that have floated with us before you know what you might need for a solid float, but in case you forgot or haven't ever floated with us yet here is a list of some of the things that you will need to have the best float on the beautiful San Marcos River:

1. Floating device! You can rent a tube at Don's or you are more than welcome to bring your own.

2. Cooler with ice. You will for sure need one of these. I promise. (Remember NO styrofoam or glass!)

3. Sun Screen!!! Out here in this Texas heat it is super important to stay  protected from these UV rays!

4. Bring some drinks and snacks- Make sure to stay hydrated with some H2O and all you 21+ enjoy a beer or two! 

5. Water shoes! We recommend that you wear some form of shoe in the river just in case there is any glass on the ground. Even if it's an old pair of sneakers it's better than nothing!

6. Waterproof Bag- These are great because you don't have to worry about finding a place to hold you phones, keys, and wallets! 

7. Trash Bags- This is super important because we want to keep the river clean right?! We do provide red bags at drop off in case you don't bring one.

8. Koozies!!! A must.

9. Rope- Gotta keep that cooler tube close to you! 

10. Bring some lawn chairs and stay and hang out on the beach!

There's always some more little random things that are good to have on a float but that was a good list of must haves for what you should bring to have the best float at Don's! Once you are on the river your float will be filled with good times and leave you with lots of memories! All of us on the Don's team love spending time at the river and love to share the experience with everyone else!

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