How To Bonfire Texas Style


Hey everyone! It’s that time of the year where a bonfire sounds just about perfect for this chilly weather- so we decided to make it happen! Follow our bonfire experience so you can be prepared and know all the essentials when doing yours.

Starting out, you will need to plan for 3 hours before whenever you want to actually bonfire to gather materials from Walmart, cook the hot coco, and set up the actual fire itself so your bonfire can be LIT. We wanted to shoot for 5pm to try catching the sunset even though that didn’t happen because we spent too long preparing so let us help you save time and money by following our list of bonfire essentials:

  1. Graham crackers
  2. Marshmallows- We used the jumbo and it was cool but a mess! Maybe get regular sized. Also minis for your hot coco which we did #extra
  3. Hersey’s chocolate- We mixed it up by choosing a variety of chocolates 
  4. Hot Coco- (we used 8 & 1/2 packets (1/2 on the floor).
  5. Thermos (to keep the hot chocolate hot)
  6. 4 chairs- they are $10 (or blow up inner tubes for an alternate chair option- we had 6)
  7. Lighter fluid
  8. Lighter!!!!
  9. Beer
  10. Koozies
  11. Cooler & ice
  12. Kerrygold & Mollys (any form of baileys liquor)
  13. Styrofoam cups
  14. Plates/ paper towels (bacterial wipes cause marshmallow goo is a sticky mess!)
  15. Speaker
  16. SNACKS- We got hot Cheetos and sour cream and onion chips.
  17. Bonfire sticks (or if you aren’t too scared and want to save money use a stick from nature!)
  18. Firewood
  19. Trash bag 

All the items above was more than enough for our group of 11 friends! Also, make sure to bring your speaker from home, camera, and memory cards and don’t forget to CHARGE IT ALL BEFORE. Or bring a portable charger. Bring Jackets and extra blankets for maximum comfort options. No ones having fun if they’re too cold! 

We spent too long in Walmart as usual so don’t get sucked in. Stay focused. Allot time to make the hot chocolate- boil water, add bags, mix, and go. This takes 30 minutes. It was already 5pm when we began making our hot coco. Luckily the fire was already lit when we pulled in to Don’s Fish Camp around 5:30- catching the final glimpses of sunset before the evening descended into darkness.

It's a good idea to park your cars around the fire to add light to the area. Bring a table and a tablecloth for the food and smore's station and to make clean up easier. 


We luckily had a river to rinse off our hands and faces! This is where wipes would have come in handy! Have the friends with trucks back up and drop their tailgates for added seating and comfort. Use the blankets to sit on here or to cover up if you start getting chilly- but the fire keeps things pretty toasty!! We were taking off our jackets and felt perfectly comfortable in just a dons t-shirt holding hot liquor. It was the perfect way to spend a Texas winter night during the holidays with friends. 

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.... Bonfire round 2???