Customer Reviews

"I've been visiting Dons for about 15 years or more and ALWAYS a great experience! Great place to go tubing, or chill by the river and have a brew while people watching and seeing the group's of people get off the river after a day of floating. Also great for camping trips! Don is the best!" - KATY S.

"A great place to come get your float fix one of the best around and always trying to become better. Located on a great spot with a nice beach area to hangout when you’re done with your float, or even if you want to just come hang!" – ZACH

"One of the best places to go floating. Their setup is streamlined and smooth and the employees are always friendly and helpful. If you're going floating in San Marcos, go here!" – CARLOS O.

"The best float you'll ever have!!!! Family friendly, the only place my kids want to camp and float." – SAMANTHA H.

"We live 2 hrs away and still make 4 trips a year. We float and camp with our young kids. Don's camp has always been good to us. I will say though party atmosphere but over all one of the most beautiful places in Texas!"           – ALICIA R.