Plan your San Marcos River Tubing Trip

If you are looking for the best tubing in Texas, you have come to the right place. Don’s Fish Camp is on the San Marcos River and has everything you need to experience the best float around. Here is exactly how to tube the San Marcos River at Don’s, and what to expect while floating.

  1. Tubing San Marcos River and Float Rentals, Shuttles, Buses and CampingDrive on down to Don’s Fish Camp at 105 Nelle Lane Martindale, Texas, just minutes outside of San Marcos. Follow the dirt road until the end and you will run into our site.
  2. Come up to our office and pay for your tubes and look at all the other items we sell for you guys, such as coolers, ice, water, sunglass bobbers, waterproof cameras and cases, music coolers, and koozies!
  3. NO STYROFOAM OR GLASS ALLOWED ON THE RIVER: No glass– 1. Never decomposes. 2. Safety hazard when glass is broken.  3. Harmful to ecosystem.  No styrofoam– 1. Never decomposes. 2. Kills wildlife when eaten. 3. Harmful to ecosystem.
  4. Park anywhere in the open lot we provide for y’all, next to the camping site free of charge!
  5. Have a rest and wait for our complimentary shuttle to take you straight to the river to get your tubes!
  6. Once you arrive at the river, grab your tubes and jump in! The river feels great on its own but with the hot weather, nothing can beat it!
  7. As you’re floating, take in the beautiful surroundings and the San Marcos River. Remember, no Styrofoam or glass is allowed while tubing on the river. Help us keep our float beautiful by disposing of any of your trash in our bags that we give you.
  8. After about 3-hour of floating, you will arrive back at the beaches of Don’s Fish Camp, right back at your car! How convenient is that?
  9. After a great day floating on the water you will realize how much fun you had and realize you can’t wait to be back at Don’s Fish Camp!
  10. Plan another visit to go floating at Don’s Fish Camp on the San Marcos River!! ENJOY!!